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Martine CHAILLET (TBS 1991) - A tough period for managers

01 July 2021 Careers

According to an article by HBR, many companies are now considering continuing with teleworking. Things have changed and organization and management must adapt.

2 million burnouts in 1 year

Over the past year (figures for May 2021), the number of burnouts has doubled in France and reached 2 million people. Managers are 1.5 times more affected than employees.

18 hours of video conferencing per week

The digital transformation, which was accelerated by the health crisis, has significantly increased the cognitive burden of managers. The exposure time to the screens has increased significantly : managers spend an average of 18 hours in videoconferencing per week, which leads to cognitive fatigue.

The crisis has also caused a reduction in the boundaries between private and professional lives.

A managerial hypersolicitation

They are also highly solicited by their employees. They often have to manage a face-to-face team and a remote team. People who are at a distance often feel isolated, even excluded and stressed. The manager must ensure that they are reintegrated and re-engaged while continuing to manage the team on site. They must ensure the cohesion of the whole team.

Managers are somehow ubiquitous and have to multitask, which significantly increases their risk of burn-out.

A need for support and an organization to adapt

Managers need support to work on their balance, training (for example professional digital tools, hybrid management). Sructures also need to be rethought to adapt to the “new normal”.


Article written by Martine Chaillet, Professional Coach and member of our Mutual Support Services

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