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Ludivine Morin, « Yes, you can go to business school and become a Sophrologist! »

07 July 2022 Portraits / Podcasts

Graduated from TBS Education in 2015, Ludivine left the school with a Master's degree in marketing and communication for service companies. After a career in communication and marketing, she joined a business transformation consultancy specialising in customer and employee experience. Finally, the turn to motherhood gave birth to two lives: that of her little girl and that of the therapist she is finally ready to become. 


It was in 2020, when she became pregnant, she had a brainwave. After a series of stresses and burn-outs, she realised that the context in which she was doing her job, which she loved, no longer corresponded to her and that she needed to take a step back. She had to stop everything to do what she had always wanted to do: become a therapist. That's how she found herself at the age of 30, after having damaged herself in her previous company. Motherhood was a real turning point. After training at the Cassiopée Institute in Sophrology, Relaxation and Pychogenealogy (study of transgenerational links), she was able to carry out practical case studies and practice working in Ehpad, crèche and school. Ludivine recently opened her own practice in the Paris region. She works with individuals and companies, both individually and collectively. It is possible to carry out the sessions by videoconference. 


A story of destiny?  


"One day I'll be a therapist", already at the age of 17, and for several years, Ludivine had been repeating this truth to herself. But shortly before her post-baccalaureate applications, her literature teacher warned her about the faculty of psychology, because she risked getting lost in it. Ludivine still remembers her words: "Continue your general studies, see the world, feel it, experience joys and pains. And one day, when the urge to become a therapist strikes hard in your heart, then go for it without hesitation, because you will know this: you will really be ready".

It was 10 years later, after demanding studies in hypokhâgne and khâgne and a business school diploma in her pocket, that she felt the time was right. For her, she didn't retrain, she found herself. She was lucky to have travelled the path of therapy, yoga and natural health. She decided to fully embody her emotions, feelings, desires and aspirations. The practices she explores, Sophrology and Psychogenealogy, are then obvious and everything makes sense. 


Caught up in the anxiety of leaving her stable corporate job, it was finally without fear when she knew what she was turning to that Ludivine found herself. When she was a student at TBS Education, she had sworn to herself that she would never be a self-employed person, that it was not for her. In class, she couldn't identify with the classic representations of business creators with their unattainable patterns of success. And yet, opening a practice is indeed self-employment. So she had to learn all the basics of setting up a business: what status to choose, what target to aim for, what market research to carry out, how to draw up a business plan? When she realised that what she was doing to set up her business was a repeat of what she had already learned, all her old reflexes came back. When she looks at other therapists who are going into the market without that business acumen and are struggling to figure out how to do it, she thinks she was lucky. Her career path was not random, her diploma allowed her all the possibilities.


Woman-to-woman support


Ludivine already knew who she wanted to accompany: girls and women, for a total embodiment of their femininity and sensitivity. Aware that there is a lot of work to be done with women, she wanted to explore femininity like a red thread along the lifeline. This broad field of exploration allowed her to develop her expertise on women. This is how her project Lianes was born. Lianes is the multiple link: the link to oneself, to one's emotions, to one's feelings, to one's femininity, but it is also the link between oneself and one's lineage, one's family tree and, finally, the link between women with the feeling of sisterhood.


The Sophrology session


Each session of Sophrology is built according to the problematic of its customers. The problems are varied, it can concern the sleep, the management of the stress, the preparation with an examination or a competition, the management of the emotions, the problems of weight or the preparation with the childbirth or the very sharp anxieties very present since the beginning of the crisis. This is why Ludivine first identifies the person's needs in order to prepare a therapeutic plan. She wants to free up the women to talk about their feelings and emotions. In a second step, she practices an adapted technique of Sophrology so that her client can connect her body and her mind, often with her eyes closed, to explore her consciousness, her feelings. Each problem requires a singular therapeutic plan. Sophrology is practiced over several sessions. The person concerned can practice between each session with the help of an audio recording to improve their functioning. 


Advice to Alumni


If Ludivine had to give one piece of advice to the Alumni, it would be to be aware of the background they had at TBS Education. According to her, it allows them to go anywhere once they have found themselves. Sophrology and Psychogenealogy help people to find themselves, to know who they are so that their baggage becomes powerful and makes sense. According to Ludivine, it is necessary to try to understand who one is, to stop hiding one's emotions and feelings, and finally, to bring value and credit to the trainings, as well as to the people who have given us the keys.


« Yes, you can go to business school and become a Sophrologist. It's possible and it's logical, brilliant and inspiring!»

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