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LA TRIBU 102 hot off the press!

03 July 2020 The Tribe

The magazine, La Tribu 102, is hot off the press and promises to provide hours of quality reading 

This issue provides us with many an inspiring story, including the life of your association and the activity of our volunteers, the perseverance of the student associations, the generosity of the Foundation and the momentum of the School... In this great Number 102, the special feature is dedicated to  

Artificial intelligence and its practical applications 
or how science fiction has become part of our everyday reality

After 39 publications, La Tribu 102 marks the final milestone in an era that began in 2006 when Marielle Garrigues became chief editor of the magazine which has consistently evolved in content and shape. Thank you to Marielle for the energy and enthusiasm invested in the editorial team of committed, volunteer Alumni who have embraced change.
At the end of 2020, a new page will open with a more digital approach, in a bilingual version (French and English),  
with the continued participation of TBS Alumni volunteers who never stop inspiring us. 
Stay Tuned!
Cover photo : Cédric Giorgi (TBS 2007), Senior Vice President of Kaduceo.

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