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04 January 2021

Kevin DECKER (TBS 2019) - Creator of Resine Design

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Imagination knows no limits !

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Kévin DECKER and I am thirty years old. I consider the Aveyron region as my homeland and where my heart is. At the moment, I live in the Gers and I love it there. 
After my BAC STI in Electronics in Rodez, I passed my university degree in industrial IT in Nimesu in 2011.
I went on to work in the Toulouse region for a subcontractor with Airbus, followed by a period in the electrical schematics software sector. 
In 2017, I realized that my career was not in line with my ambitions, I went back to studying and took the Master in Management continuous training course at TBS.
In 2020, I started my own business called Resine Design, which designs furniture out of wood and resin. 

Why did you choose TBS to pursue your studies?

I chose TBS for the Master in Management countinous training course because it is recognized by the State. It suited my availability, and over and above its quality, it provides a very large, comprehensive network.
I would describe my time at TBS as being very fulfilling, stimulating and full of surprises. 

Do you have any stories from your year to share with us? Were you involved in an association while you were at TBS? 

That question makes me think about all the special moments I spent with our little group of 8 students. Its worth noting that we were all studying at TBS and working at the same time, so we were tired and stressed during our study periods. It taught us a great deal about ourselves and was really stimulating. In the other hand, the moments we spent relaxing together were just as intense as our daily lives at the time. That led to several "files" that I won't reveal here for fear of reprisals, as well as many great memories. And don't we say, "what goes on at TBS, stays at TBS"?

What are you doing today and how did you get to this stage in your professional career? 

I started my business in February 2020 and I design luxury furniture made out of wood and resin. To put it simply, while I went back to study at TBS, I felt I needed to find a sense of purpose in my professional life. Indeed, I was brought up on the idea that "to be successful, you need to work relentlessly, devote yourself to your company and you will reap the rewards and succeed." Unfortunately, it didn't turn out like that for me. I am not saying it isn't possible these days. personally, I got trapped by trying to reach this goal. TBS made me realize this and I started searching for more meaning in a way. I ended up finding a sense of fulfillment working with wood, which is a passion passed onto me by my grandfather on my mother's side. The sales skills that I learned at TBS came in handy with this new professional career. 

What advice would you give to TBS Alumni, graduates and students alike, who would like to follow your career path? 

First and foremost, I'd say that whichever path you take, don't forget yourself. If you want to start a business in handicraft, I would recommend following the master's degree at TBS in order to understand as much as possible about how a business works, and to learn the skills needed for the craftmanship in mind.
Lastly, and prehaps most importantly, don't forget to build your network while you are studying. TBS provides great opportunities for that : conferences and exchanges. Get yourself known.  

Did the Alumni network support you?
Yes ! Through the TBS Alumni directory, I was able to get in contact with people in the Gers area. 

Can Alumni students and graduates get in contact with you directly? 
No problem, my preferred channel is LinkedIn.

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