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30 March 2021

Eva ANDRÉ (TBS 2021) - High-level Freediver with a sponsorship offer

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"Have the courage to do what you love !"

At the moment, Eva is studying in her second year of her master's degree (PGE) and above all, she is passionate about depth freediving

This passion has turned into an activity that she does at competition level. 

Depth freediving 

Freediving involves swimming as deap as possible in a natural environment, using your own muscles and one breath only. This sport is demanding, considered extreme and incredibly elegant. She loves to dive with a monofin and she is actually ranked in the national top 10. Eva's personal depth record is 65m. 

Conciliating work and competitive sport 

Eva works part-time in a social, solidarity start-up : she provides lessons in Science and Maths and runs orientation workshops for teenagers in a private college with alternative teaching methods. 

She is also in charge of business development to find new customers and financing. Finally, she also takes care of some of the communication. The reduced size of the structure means that she gets to work in different areas but also it means she can adapt her work rythmn to her training schedule.

Finance her 2021 season

Eva is looking for one or several partners to sponsor her upcoming season. She has made the decision to dedicate most of her time to training so she needs to find some financial backing. There are many costs involved in depth freediving and spread over the whole year because even when Eva is not by the sea, she continues to train in sports clubs or at the pool. 

To help finance her sea excursions, competitions and basic training expenses, Eva needs between 3000 and 5000 euros as per the competitions she may be selected for abroad.

Eva commits to carry the colours of your company and create visibility through communication channels. She has provided a detailed list of possibilities in her presentation.

If you would like to support Eva, you can contact her directly from her profile page.

Your company has much to gain by sponsoring Eva.


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