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07 April 2021

Does teleworking change the very notion of work ?

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Just a year ago, Kevin Carillo and Alain Klarsfeld, who are both professors and researchers at Toulouse Business School, worked together in collaboration with the bmo Chair of Governance for Diversity, University of Montreal* and Laval University**. You were invited to take part in this huge survey and many of you did. You can find the results of this collaborative work here.

Did you know that 51% of professionals are prepared to continue teleworking?
Do you feel the same ?
In what conditions ?
Under what configurations ?

Our objective is to study how working from home changes the very notion of work, how work is organized and the relationship between emplyee and employer.

Today, this study is still pertinent. Indeed, teleworking, which was improvised and gradually got organized, has significantly changed our work habit over the last year. In the same partnership between the Chair in Governance for Diversity at Montreal University, and Laval University - CeRTIA and Toulouse Business School, you are invited to participate in this second edition of an international survey, the purpose of which is to learn more about the conditions that make for efficient teleworking while respecting professionals.

Together, let's influence the teleworking policies of our organizations !


L'équipe de recherche / The Research Team

  • Tania Saba, PhD Titulaire de la Chaire BMO en diversité et gouvernance, Professeure titulaire – École de relations industrielles, Université de Montréal, Canada:
  • Gaëlle Cachat-Rosset, PhD Chercheuse postdoctorale à la Chaire BMO en diversité et gouvernance, École de relations industrielles, Université de Montréal, Canada. TBS 2002:
  • Josianne Marsan, PhD Professeure titulaire, Directrice du Centre de recherche en technologies de l’information et affaires, Département de systèmes d’information organisationnels, Université Laval, Canada:
  • Alain Klarsfeld, PhD Professeur, Département Droit des Affaires et Management des Ressources Humaines, TBS Business School, France:
  • Kevin Carillo, PhD Professeur Associé en Sciences de la Donnée & Systèmes d’Information, Département du Management de l’Information, TBS Business School, France: 

Summary of the results of the first survey about teleworking

















* Chaire en Diversité et Gouvernance de l'Université de Montréal (Canada) en savoir plus 
** / Information Technology and Business Research Center (CERTIA) at Laval University (Quebec, Canada) find out more






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