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Discover Nicolas YVONNEAU's profession of faith

07 November 2023 Professions of faith

To enable our alumni to vote fairly, the association asked them to answer 6 questions.

Discover Nicolas YVONNEAU's profession of faith (TBS Education PGE 2025).

When someone says TBS Alumni, what are the first words that come to mind?


They are the school's witnesses, organized in a network that provides various services to all the school's past, present and future stakeholders. They have the experience to federate alumni who are the best reflection of the school.


What are your current volunteer activities, and/or those you would like to pursue with TBS Alumni?


I was in charge of the men's soccer team at TBS Education last year. I'd like to help students to take charge of their student experience, particularly in terms of associations, sports and career guidance.


What motivated you to run for the association's Board of Directors?


A friend of mine worked for you as a network manager and was able to explain to me how you operate, and I find it a central and useful organization for the school's future ex-students. Joining the Board of Directors would give me the opportunity to speak on behalf of students, to support them and integrate them into what their lives will be like, in short, to help them project themselves.


How do you see the future of TBS Alumni?


I see it as a real melting pot of TBS Edcuation students and alumni, which would enable an even stronger sharing between the students' feelings and the alumni's experience.


What is your area of professional expertise?


I don't consider myself an expert, but I do have some knowledge of market research and project management.


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