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Support Baobab Miary, a concrete, human and solidarity-based project for the benefit of Madagascan children

17 February 2023 Association

The association Baobab Miary is represented by a group of 11 PGE students, class 2026. As part of their educational program, they are participating in the WINS project  : Inspiring, Innovative, Inclusive and Solidarity Workshop and are thus helping the Malagasy population. 


💡 The challenge of this project? To support a Malagasy association, helping children  

Baobab Miary is launching a kitty to collect the funds needed to make their project a reality: 1,500€ minimum before the end of April 2023. 


The amount collected would allow to finance the 5th day of canteen for all the children attending school in the village of Miary, a very poor village in Madagascar. The school counts 180 children and 10 adults. Their meal consists of rice porridge.

5 meals for the price of 1 French coffee.
The calculation is simple:

🔍 a meal for a child costs 0,20€.

🤗 Participating with 20 cents in the fundraiser is funding an entire meal for a child!


There is no predefined amount. Free to participate up to what you can and what you want.


A small donation means a lot.
Show your generosity by clicking right here 👇

For more information, contact SIMOES Emilia (TBS Education 2026) at or by email 


Many thanks for your help 🤝


Are you a company? You can also participate!


Participating is good, winning is even better  😎

As a company, you can acquire: 

- Notoriety among the students of TBS Education (a great advantage in your employer branding strategy) but also make yourself known to the Baobab Miary association.

- Visibility on Instagram

- A positive and impactful brand image, associated with human and solidarity projects

- A concrete action in terms of CSR and sustainable development (the planet thanks you)

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