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Christine GILI (TBS 2013) - Performance Coaching

11 May 2021 Careers

I was born in Marseille and I have been working for 20 years in the Aeronautics industry where I had the chance to work in a variety of professional environments, and in particular, at Airbus :

From technical support to marketing towards airline companies, then performance management and change support in relation to digitalization, I recently joined HR to manage recruitment for Airbus Defence & Space in France and for emerging competencies in Airbus Group. Today, my role is to accompany major cultural change within Airbus Commercial.

I am a certified coach by Institut International de Coaching in Geneva. I am also a personal coach both within Airbus and independently for those who require my services :

  • How to successfully manage a life change, the problems involved in change 
  • How to work on improving performance 
  • Improving leadership skills 
  • Getting the balance right at work, stress management 

I am committed to an active listening, non-judgemental approach in confidentiality. My objective is simple : allow you to reach yours.

Consultations can take place in French and English, remotely or in person in Toulouse. Preferential rates of -20% are applicable for fully paid-up members of TBS Alumni.

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