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[Call for input] Kosma HARATSARIS (TBS 2024) : Working together

14 June 2021 Diplomas
Published by Kosma HARATSARIS

It is a yearly event and this week it's back : The week that looks at the quality of life at work. It was initiated by ANACT. This year, the principal theme is working together. After the year of separation that we have just gone through, he idea is to put social ties back into the heart of professional lives. 

In a partnership with Great Place To Work, Cocoworker is launching a call for good managerial practices which have been put in place over the last couple of months to improve colleagues' wellbeing. These practices have been put in the first guide book for managerial practices instigated during the covid period. 

The guide book will help highlight companies that have taken care of their employees and can be benchmarked by other companies to find new ideas and take care of their most precious asset : the human being.

For example, the Payfit company rethought its work organization, Mutuelle Générale reinvented the format of its co-devleopment methods and launched inspirational podcasts, Johnson & Johnson launched a bootcamp to help their managers with their emotions. 

You can also give input !


For more information, please contact Kosma HARATSARIS (TBS 2024) via e-mail or go to our website : site de la semaine de la qualité au travail (in French).

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