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24 April 2021

Benjamin COUTIERE (TBS 2005) - Personal development & career management

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Realigning my professional activity with my personal values 

After working for 15 years' in sales and management in large IT companies (IBM, Dell, Google), I decided to change tacks in February 2020 to realign my professional activity with my personal values. 

I set up my company, Bridgentu, to "make the desired future possible" and contribute to the transition towards a socio-economic model that is sustainable and responsible by persuing these 3 objectives :

  1. Develop projects that have a positive impact : Consulting in strategy and sales development or organizations involved in ecological transition
  2. Professional coaching for management with a sense of purpose : Accompany managers of today and tomorrow to help them conciliate performance and personal fulfillment
  3. Develop professional ecosystems fostering change : Improving soft skills and creating professional environments in which change can operate

I also offer support to help you align performance and fulfillment in your professional life : 

  • Coaching on specific challenges : a problematic situation, new missions, important deadlines, team dynamics, trouble-shooting 
  • Indentify a sense of purpose & bore-out : Align values and professional ambitions, find the resources to grow and blossom in a company
  • Personal development : innovation, communication, organization, stress management, self-confidence, etc. 

The first consultation with Benjamin is free of charge. It is the opportunity to get to know each other and analyze your needs. 

Preferrential rate of -20% for fully paid-up members of the TBS Alumni network. 

Coaching sessions take place if possible in Paris or the region. 


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