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[BDH] Feedback on the Cine-debate with Arte

29 March 2021 Association

On 23rd February, our pole, Réfugi’Aide, organized a cine-debate on the political situation in Palestine and the reasons why refugees are being forced to flee their home country. 

There were 28 of us at this online conference and we would like to thank you for participating in this debate and for making it a great exchange. 

We would also like to thank Stephane Amar, the journalist from Arte who is an expert in the question of Palestine, and the refugees who were with us, Momin, refugee from Palestine, Omar, refugee from Syria, and Gaurave, Bengali refugee. They really helped us getter a better understanding of the situation in their home countries and more precisely, in Palestine.

We hope that you will come back and join us at our next online events that will be just as active ! 

In the meanwhile, you can follow us on social media and share events coming up in the next couple of months ! 

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