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Audrey Rigonnaud (TBS 2006)

27 May 2020 Association

After 15 years in change support consulting and personal development coaching across Europe, today Audrey is in charge of Mobilisation, Coaching and Training in Human Resources for the consulting firm, ML&A Conseil.


Audrey proposes an initial appointment free of charge in order to clarify your needs. Further assistance is provided at a special rate (20% off the public price) for fully paid-up members of the TBS Alumni network in the following areas :

  • Your profile as regards your mindset preferences, followed by group or individual reviews (HBDI or Herrmann profiles)
  • Individual coaching : leadership and relationships, self confidence, management, etc.
  • Skills assessments or life reviews
  • Training sessions and workships given by ML&A (area of human relations/personal development), as per availability.


 Free services : CV re-reading and individual advice.


Services are available in person or at a distance, in English and French. Audrey is based in Paris.  

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