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29 January 2021

Astrid POILPRE (TBS 1999) - A gift from a solidarity movement of coaches

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Coaches offering videoconferencing tips to people affected by distance working in lockdown 

Astrid Poilpré has joined forces with other coaches who are showing solidarity in a by creating a movement called Solidarity Support. Taken aback by the intensity of the pandemic, the group of coaches wants to contribute to national afforts by offering support to individuals and/or groups.

In the scope of the lockdown, together they developed skills for working at a distance, in order to create closer ties using online tools that used to be considered impersonal and cumbersome.  

Astrid provides us with a preview :

"We have tested and tried these methods and analyzed the results : we have observed tangible quality in terms of presence, bonding, creativity and strong commitment between members. Despite the fact that we did not know each other at the start, we have been able to build a real relationship. Today, we have a real bond and we are committed and organized. 

To achieve these results, we have used our knowledge of ice breaker techniques, tools which encourage participation, to kick-off our own meetings successfully.

You are invited to discover how to connect with others at a distance once you are connected online. 

At a time when distance working methods are widely encouraged, ice breakers are a vital tool to bring people closer together despite the fact they are physically apart. The document attached (in French only) explains what we put into practice each time." 


Come and join our solidarity workshops to learn how to use the ice breakers. Two sessions are open (12.30pm-1.30pm and 6.30pm -7.30pm on Tuesday 23rd February. NB. Workshop in French.

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For coaches


For more information about this solidarity movement (in French), click here

* Ice breakers : Often, the way a videoconference starts will influence whether the meeting is a success or not. When it gets off to a good start, the people present feel comfortable and are efficient, just like the person running the meeting. In this way, every individual feels included and takes an active part in the meeting."

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