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Alice TRANNOIS (TBS 2016)

17 June 2021 Careers

Everything is possible ! 

These 3 words have always been a deaply meaningful motto for Alice. Her professional career has clearly been punctuated with many great experiences that have given her a solid understanding of the business world and of work in general. 

After 10 years' working in business development and 4 years' as a business owner, she has decided to change her relationship with work itself and invest more in the human side of it. 

After spending some time in human resources, she has chosen to accompany those who are looking for orientation that makes personal sense, for satisfaction in the work place and a good balance between their professional and personal lives. 

Today, Alice is dedicating her time to young and older people to help them find their place in the professional world, which can sometimes feel a little nebulous.  

And indeed, since well-being at work isn't limited to individuals, she is also helping companies who are working on development strategies to take into account their greatest source of wealth : human beings.

Her areas of focus 


  • Individual coaching, career reviews and orientation 
  • Professional and school orientation 
  • Professional burn-outs 
  • Vocational retraining
  • Balance between professional and personal life 
  • Spouse support, expatriation 


  • Individual coaching individuel, group workshops
  • Appropriating new job positions, change support 
  • Developing collaborative work 
  • Skills management by knowledge management
  • Quality of life in the workplace 
  • Organisation agility


  • Professional career path and professional identity development for first-timers 
  • Intervention with pupils and students and preventing dropping out of education


Alice applies a reduced rate of -20% on public rates for fully paid-up members of the TBS Alumni network.

Her services are conducted in French, at a distance or insitu in Reunion Island.


You need to be logged in as a fully paid-up member to contact ALICE


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