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11 November 2020

3 TBS students create Eternel actif, a project targeting senior citizens

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Retirement time can sometimes be a challenge from a social point of view,
as rhythm, routines and habits are turned upside down.

Today, there are a considerable number of websites or applications providing people with opportunities for a fuller social life, to meet new people and to share activities. It is true that there are many solutions to help improve our everyday lives. 

Inspite of these opportunities, there is a category of people who are left out : senior citizens. 

Retiring means starting a new phase in life. It means rebuilding habits, social ties and filling the free time you suddenly have on your hands. It doesn't necessary make for a happy period of life if it means a lack of social life and solutions at hand.  

Really enjoying retirement!

Proposing solutions to improve everyday life quality is the challenge launched by Valentin LuzuyJade Wagner and Kamil Bennani, three students from TBS Elite Education program. With Éternel Actif - "Eternally active", their message to their target audience is clear. Éternel actif will provide a list of activities at reduced rates thanks to partnerships with establishments and professionals

The way it works is very simple : if a member wants to join in an activity, all they need to do is book a place and pay direct on the website. Other members can sign up to participate together. 

The idea behind developing an exclusive offer targeting pensioners may seem surprising but in France today, one out of every three people who surfs the internet is retired, and there are more than 2.5 million pensioners on Facebook

Creating a community of senior citizens and newly retired people in Toulouse 

This might not effect you but think about your loved ones, parents or grandparents. Wouldn't you be happy to see them participating in various activities with other senior citizens ?

Invite them now to join the Facebook group Eternel Actif Toulouse. It is the Eternel Actif community and it is important for us to develop our activity and reach our goals.

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