Pack for the Volunteers


 It's often hard to define an active volunteer, so I decided to talk to you about the ii. 
They are your opposites.

The ii, who are interested inactive, recognize each other because they make fun of it. They cry "ii" as soon as we tell them about our projects. As soon as we explain that volunteering is not dead, that it is not nothing, that it is even a lot, even more! They are also laughing at the ones who are active, engaged, passionate of acting out. They are pessimistic.

The B.A are optimistic, they laugh but do not sneer, give and do well, meet strong personalities, who like to give and create, they do not confuse Priceless and Valueless.
I want to say to you that thanks to you, to preside is a pleasure, because you make radiate the Alumni and the echoes of your actions largely convent the noise of the ii. "

Pierre Hurstel
President - TBS Alumni - TBS Foundation
PGE 1980