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16 April 2020

Marti Torreguitart-Gonzalez (TBS 2022) takes advantage of lockdown to create his company

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What if lockdown is the perfect time to start a company ?

Marti TORREGUITART GONZALEZ (TBS 2022) has started his business from home ... during lockdown

Marti Torreguitart Gonzalez is in his first year of the Bachelor in Management programme on the Barcelona TBS campus and has used the lock-down to start a project he has been planning for 2 months : an online sales site with dropshipping for ukuleles.

Marti Torreguitart explains that "...this quarantine time is the perfect time to work from home so I have been putting together my marketing plan and my website...". From your home, not only can you learn how to sell an instrument, but also how to play it during the lock-down and demonstrate your skills to your friends.  

Interest has already been shown for the site... and an order was placed within two days of launching the project! 


Discorver "Cosy Maison" Marti's website 

 For more information, contact Marti directly by email : 


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