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Tribu RH : Feedback on (de)confinement

18 June 2020 Community

On 2nd June, the Tribu HR held a virtual meeting together to exchange and give their impressions on lockdown and deconfinement.

Members from Casablanca, Paris and Toulouse were present. It was the opportunity to see how different companies and governments handled the unprecedented situation and how the culture in each country influenced the way people behaved.

Hereafter are some conclusions from the meeting, the overall trends from the participants' experiences. 



Some employees were able to conciliate professional/personal lives in the scope of teleworking. For others, teleworking meant more work. Some cases of burnout came out during and after lockdown.

Moreover, some HR managers had admin difficulties following up on planned versus actual work.



It was easier for companies who were used to teleworking before lockdown as they were able to implement a results-based culture and a certain amount of trust in delegating tasks. 

While the transition to teleworking and communication with staff who were already used to using tools like email, smartphones etc. was easier to handle on the one hand, it was however not the case for those who were not used to those kinds of tools. Not only was it difficult to communicate with this population, but a feeling of unfairness became apparent quickly and the HR managers were required to provide closer support.

In Marocco, you need a ministerial authorization to go back to work. The rule is 100% teleworking, but the workload is heaver. 

In Casablanca, staff expressed a cultural need to go back to the office : there was a very strong need for human contact and to rebalance the workload. 

In France, the HR managers were faced with staff who did not want to go back to work in the office. After a second, complicated period of adaptation, staff consider that they have found a good work rythmn and they believe that the benefits of teleworking - particularly time gained by not commuting - have greater weight than the benefits of being with their colleagues again, for example. 

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