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TBS Social Network : A network entirely designed for YOU !

18 November 2022 Association

TBS Social Network is your 100% TBS Education network.


Find your old classmates, meet new professionals and share your values with a community 🤗





Being in TBS Social Network means




Enrich your professional network: 


- Participate in the many networking events organized by our volunteer alumni groups, all linked by their professional sector.


- Participate in activities organized by our Chapters around the world, a real boost no matter where you are






Enhance the value of your diploma in the job market, thanks to the TBS Education school ranking!


Update your information including your type of contract, your salary and your means of recruitment, criteria necessary to value the school's ranking. 

All this information is collected in an anonymous and secure way.



Participate in a community 


By becoming a volunteer, you can participate in the organization of events, help manage the Chapters and the associative life of TBS Alumni.






Want to optimize your use of TBS Social Network?


Follow our tutorials below ⬇️

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