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25 June 2020

Stephane MABY (TBS 1998) - Director of Oceanopolis

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"I didn't hesitate to change environments, to take on more responsibilities, therefore gaining more experience..." 

Why did you chose Toulouse and TBS to pursue your studies ? 

After the admissions tests I was accepted in several schools and TBS was the one I liked the most. It has a good ranking, an exceptional welcome, a modern infrastructure and located in attractive Toulouse, especially since my in-laws lived in the South-West. 

Can you tell us about your time as a student at TBS ?

As I came from university, I was looking for a training program that was suited to the business world or entrepreneurship. While university training is excellent, it could not satisfy my expectations. At TBS, I found that the training was efficient and could be put into practice straight away. I was also very impressed by how quick-thinking the students were that I met there. I have kept many strong ties with friends. 

Have you any stories about your year to share with us ?  

Obviously, I remember the school's disco very well. I believe it now longer exists... Shame! I also remember the classes in marketing and strategy which I was very interested in. Extra-curricular life was very rich and I set up a music festival in the Arnaud Bernard suburb. The profits were intended to pay for a recording for a group voted by the artists. Zebda came and played as a surprise ! Finally, my final year traineeship in Guetemala was no doubt my best experience.

What was your end goal when you started work after your degree ? What was your motivation ? 

My motivation? Be recruited by a large group... I changed my outlook very quickly. I had my first management experience in a large group, learning method and undoubtedly launching my career. I came to understand that in order to evolve, it was necessary to change companies, to move... That is what I did almost every five years. 

What are you currently doing ?

I am Sea Executive Manager within a Mixed Economy company called Brest'aim, which manages approximately 10 cultural, tourism and events infrastructures in Brest, as well as public on- and off-street payparking services. In this role, I am in charge of Océanopolis, the biggest tourist attraction in Britanny and the biggest National Centre for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture dedicated to the Ocean. Within the scope of my job, there are also two yacht marinas and the schooner, La Recouvrance, which is the ambassador for the City of Brest. 

Why did you chose this career ? 

From large groups to medium-sized companies, I gained considerable cross-sectional skills. I was aware that meaning and actions in the general interest were very important to me. I therefore decided to turn towards a mixed economy : a semi-public structure with privately employed staff working for a territorial stakeholder. 

At what point did you know it was the right path for you ?

Right away, I renewed with my first love of live entertainment, events, tourism, sailing... What an absolute pleasure! Highly-skilled and highly motivated staff, innovation, a multitude of projects built collectively, an incredible quality of life in an exceptional location, on the farest point of Britanny. 

How did you get to where you are today in your professional career ? 

I didn't hesitate to change environments, to take on more responsibilities, therefore gaining more experience, and to continue learning. 

What did your studies bring you in terms of reaching your personal and/or professional goals ?

Operationality, efficiency, good analytical and synthetical skills, ability to build a strategy. An ongoing and never-ending desire to create. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years' time ?

In Brest ! 

What advice would you give to TBS Alumni, graduates and students alike ? 

Aim for what makes sense to you. Do what you enjoy for work, and if that is not the case, move ! 

Finally, are you willing for Alumni to contact you directly if they are interested in your career path ? 


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