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Our Incredible Life Paths : Amandine PILLOT (TBS 2007)

24 February 2020 Portraits / Podcasts

Company founder of Atout-caP (which provides cross-disciplinary support about handicap policies to SMEs and mid-caps), Amandine is first and foremost a hyperactive volunteer for TBS... and a very caring person !

Please say a few words about yourself?

Why did you choose to go to Toulouse, and TBS, to study?

I chose TBS for its reputation, the quality of the teaching staff, and the international accreditations. And for its location too !

Would you tell us about your time as a student at TBS?

I enrolled in the M2C in order to complete and enhance my initial training in Law.  I spent 18 intense yet exciting months of training. We had a high quality teaching and external professional speakers. I particularly enjoyed the mixture of students who were completing their university education and experienced professionals who enrolled to complete their work training.   

Who are you today?

What are you currently doing?

I have worked in Communication - always within the area of handicap - for ten years and I actually identified a need. As I am visually impaired, I have had my own personal experience when looking for a job as a disabled worker.

I set up my own business, Atout-caP, nearly two years ago. I transversely accompany and assist SMEs and Midcaps in the implementation of disability policies. Atout-caP is an external mission. I provide quizzes, testimonials and set-up simulations of real life situations to fight misconceptions and stereotypes about disability. I also provide editorial content and workshops on how to become ‘disabled-friendly’ in order to raise awareness and promote inclusion, a specialized hotline. The main purpose is to speak openly and break the taboos about disability. That’s how, in my opinion, we could achieve performance by turning constraints into opportunities. Atout-caP is located in Toulouse but takes on actions in the Occitanie region and all around France.

Why did you choose this area of activity ?

Because it is makes sense ! Entrepreneurship is such an enriching adventure, professionally and humanly speaking...

How did your studies help you reach your personal and / or professional achievements?

After my graduation of law studies, The MS markeing-Com helped me develop extra skills and different perspectives. It made me more comfortable with entrepreneurship and more self-sufficient regarding my communication choices in my own business today. Moreover, the 18 months spent learning helped me master public speaking and hence boost my self-confidence. Even the network of Alumni, but not only !

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Still working on significant projects that involve humanity.

How are you involved with the Alumni network?

How has the Alumni network been a support to you?

I have been a committed volunteer for many years now, I am currently part of the RH tribe, I am also president of UBCM, an inter-alumni network where I represent TBSA.

I benefited from contacts, relevant information and I could participate in several very high quality workshops adapted to each stage of my career. I also enjoy meeting and catching up with alumni. I think I could use the network even better! It's so rich.

How would you recommend using it?

There are a lot of quality events to take part in. You can contact former students and other alumni through the Directory. 

But the best thing to do is to get involved by actively taking part in a tribe or a chapter.   

Finally, would you be okay with our Alumni contacting you directly if they are interested in your career?

Definitely, I’d be happy to answer any questions.

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