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Learn by TBS: registration for the test phase!

15 December 2021 School

At the beginning of 2022 a new way of training will be born: internally this project is nicknamed the Netflix of training...

The principle? Easy access to a variety of content on high-stakes professional topics.

Learn by TBS is based on 3 pillars:

> Communities of practice
It is the discovery of supports as diverse as summaries of research articles, book pitches, expert podcasts, commented newsletters and especially the exchange with professionals who share the same concerns as yours.

> The catalogue
It is the access to certificates by TBS through micro-learning modules listed for you, flexible / fast.

> The asynchronous degree programme
This is the possibility to follow a completely asynchronous diploma course, therefore at your own pace, but coached by mentors from professional sports.

If you want to be a pioneer and test the very first version and help us progress by sharing your feedback: answer these few questions!


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