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25 March 2021

Léa Dermardirossian (TBS 2016) : Co-founder of Oustao

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The online boutique that puts the emphasis back on traditional craftsmanship !

Oustao is an online boutique proposing decorative objects and the objective is to give renewed value to traditional craftsmanship. The boutique works hand in hand with local craftspeople. The Oustao began a year ago during the first lockdown. Time at home, time for oneself, which lead to several observations : 

  • The desire to feel happy and comfortable in the home 
  • A search for quality items that are original
  • The need for transparency when purchasing, for example, how, by whom and where the objects that we buy are made
  • The return to a more responsible consumer attitude, towards rational production processes, limited series and hand-made items.

This way, Oustao combines its Mediterranean universe with the skills of craftspeople to create unique objects. Each piece is produced in limited series through a rational production process and is sold via the online boutique exclusively. 

It means the home in provencal language and the home is unique : warm in winter, cool in summer, the doors wide open to share happy moments with friends and family. This is the inspiration behind the Oustao collections, to embody craft skills, authenticity and timelessness.

The young entrepreneurs who have been friends since childhood point out that "Oustao provides the opportunity to reunite with noble materials such as wood and pottery. It promotes arts and crafts as it invites us to connect at the heart of regional tradition with its quality and longlasting collections".

Today, Oustao works hand in hand with 6 French craftspeople. Oustao manages the stocks, logistics and online sales processes so that the craftspeople are free to focus on their core competency : "creations" explains Léa. The brand plans to showcase 2 to 4 collections a year, all of which are full of Mediterranean inspiration and an invitation to travel.

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