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27 October 2021

La Tribu magazine is back in a digital version

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July 2020

 La Tribu 102 marks the last edition of an era that began in 2006 with the arrival of Marielle Garrigues as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine.

The magazine has continued to evolve in content and form. But after many editions, the magazine as we knew it had lost its breath.


October 2021

After more than a year of waiting, a new chapter opens.

A more digital chapter... and for the very 1st time, you can read it in english!

 We have kept the soul and the ingredients that made La Tribu a success, while changing the format and its organisation to make it more adapted to our times and habits.



 La Tribu magazine is a unique magazine, dedicated to the Alumni of our dear School.

It presents the actions and news related to the School and the Alumni at local, national and international levels.
Alongside the news, the magazine is surrounded by the expertise of its graduates to deal with various topics: news, management, innovation or personal development.


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