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17 June 2019

How and why should I update my profile?

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The TBS Alumni directory is the heart of the association and the bedrock of the animation of the network

That's why it's important for each Alumni, student or graduate to keep his profile up to date! How do you make it effective?

First of all, you must logon to your personal space and go to the click on the arrow next to your first name at the top of the page on the right.



Different options will be offered to you. Select "My information" ("Mes informations") 


On the left, you will see the INFORMATIONS tab, which will will give you several options to choose which information you want to update (personal details, current position, etc.)


Don’t forget! 
You can always choose the information you want see and what you want others to see!

See you soon on your TBS Alumni personal space!


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