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21 February 2022 Entrepreneurship

Following an awareness and a deep desire to "change the world" in the context of environmental issues, Loïc Guichaoua (TBS 2015) co-created in 2019 a novel product: a do-it-yourself spread, which has the power to save the forest.

On paper, the project seems far too ambitious to be realistic... and yet you will be soon surprised! 

Since the year 2000, nearly 150,000 Bornean orangutans have disappeared due to deforestation. Palm oil production is the main reason for this deforestation, and many of the food products available in supermarkets contain it.

That's where Papa Outang comes in! The uniquely flavoured organic spread contains only 3 ingredients - hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa.
The brand donates 0.10 cents per bag sold to the Kalaweit association to help secure forest plots threatened by the palm oil industry (10,000m2 of forest costs around €900).

The mission Loïc and his partner Thibaut have set themselves is simple. They want Papa Outang to become a stable source of income for Kalaweit. This will allow the association to act serenely in the field.

To achieve this goal, Papa Outang must compete with its competitors in the retail market. The principle is simple: to produce in greater quantities, to increase its sales and thus to make greater donations to the Kalaweit association.


Loïc and Thibaut are launching their first fundraising campaign for €300k and have already raised a third of the amount!
If you are convinced by Papa Outang, if you share their commitment and if you want to help them save the rainforest, join the adventure as a Business Angel. 

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