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Discover Pierre Souloumiac's mission statement

14 October 2021 Mission Statements

In recent years, the association, under the impetus of Pierre Hurstel, has developed tremendously. The free and independent press of TBS Alumni could not do less than adapt to the new challenges of digitalization, bilingualism and format.

It is therefore with renewed pleasure, a strengthened team and a new editor-in-chief, Anne Carrier (TBS 88) manager of the Légendes Agency that the Tribe has a new look with the first edition of the "Cahiers de La tribu". The theme is "Yes, there is a world after the covid".

Ideas and keys to take off after the pandemic (and even before), testimonies of alumni who have adapted, who have innovated to better bounce back. I always feel as much enthusiasm, shared with a phenomenal editorial board, with each new issue and as much desire to know all the talents that our graduates deploy "all around the world" but also as much pride in the testimonies of those who appreciate the magazine and who find sources of inspiration.

This is why I have the audacity to stand for re-election as director of TBS Alumni, hoping that you will be indulgent enough to allow me to continue to enjoy your journey and your initiatives as Director of the publication of The Tribe.



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