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Cyriane EL KHIATI (TBS 1998)

15 March 2021 Careers

Four continents and 20 years' professional experience!

Cyriane EL KHIATI has joined the coaches and experts in our Mutual Support Services? providing coaching in development and HR expertise. 

On the strength of her 20 years' professional experience across four continents, Cyriane is a seasoned manager in leadership, performance and guiding change. Cyriane has taught all these areas in companies and in business schools.

Cyriane spent 20 years of her career managing mergers and acquisitions in France, Australia and America for PwC and Deloitte. She then went on to wealth management for BMCI in Marocco for executive shareholder clients before taking up the position as Managing Director for Visa Inc. in Marocco.

She was an HR Management Coach with BCG in Marocco before dedicating herself fulltime to her present occupation which involves coaching leaders and influencers, as well as supervising the coaches who work in her company, CEK COACHING.


CEK COACHING provides numerous advantages in support 

  • Professional coaching on an individual basis : These sessions are tailored towards people who are keen to give new impetus to their careers by developing new skills or by changing behavioural patterns, as well as people who are in a time of career change (promotion or other types of professional change). 

  • Personal coaching in relation to others : These sessions are aimed at people who would like to improve their relationship dynamics and includes trouble-shooting and complex personality management. 

  • Life coaching : These sessions help you gain greater understanding of the complexity of your emotions, contradictions and possible obstacles to allow you to overcome them and grow towards a fulfilling personal future. 

  • Team coaching : Vision and strategy alignment to conciliate economic performance, employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction. Alignment means developing team harmony and collective intelligence with a shared vision. 

  • Coach supervision: Applicable for coaches and support professionals who have a vested interest in working on their "posture", i.e. their professional skills to listen and stay attentive within a neutrally caring frame.  

  • Skills assessment

  • Access to workshops and training sessions given by CEK (leadership and personal development) as per availability. 

Cyriane applies a 20% reduction on public prices for fully paid-up members of TBS Alumni.

All services are available in English and French, by videoconference or on location in Casablanca.


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