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Antoine GIBOIRE (TBS 2020) - Student, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Swelis

20 July 2020 Students

Antoine Giboire, a student in the Master in Management program, is passionate about climbing and has managed to combine his passion with his professional ambitions and give meaning to his career ! As an entrepreneur who started with TBSeeds, he co-founded Swelis, an application which is used by climbers of every level during their training and progress. 

 "It was during a «Startup Weekend» organized by Optimize, the association for entrepreneurship at TBS, which brings together students from a good number of schools (computing, engineering, management, design, etc.) that the project began to take shape. I was able to go from a vague idea to a real project thanks to the team that supported me. I also met Romain (a student in the last year of a computer school) and we have been in the adventure together ever since!"


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