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27 October 2023
Amelie AUBRY (PGE, 2005)

Appointments - Vice-president and partner of Angie

Amélie Aubry has been appointed vice-president and partner of Angie, in this position since October 2023. Amélie reports directly to Eric Cannamela, Chief Executive Officer. She will be responsible for accompanying the agency?s growth in the PR and influence fields, supported by a team of around thirty consultants.
Amélie Aubry has been appointed Vice President and Partner of Angie, in this position since October 2023. Amélie Aubry, 42, holds a master's degree in communication from TBS Education (2005) and a BSc in European engineering business management from Coventry University (2003):

* 2023: Angie, Vice-Chairman and Partner

* 2020 - 2021: Edelman France, Managing director

* 2021 : Edelman France, Chief client officer & Managing director

* 2005 - 2012: Burson-Marsteller i&e, Consultant brand & corporate and social media manager

* 2018 - 2020: Edelman France, Managing director in charge of Brand Marketing activity

* 2013 - 2018 : Elan Edelman, Director of strategy and digital planning

* 2012 - 2013 : Elan, Account Director

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