Bureau de l'humanitaire (BDH)


Who are we ?

The BDH is centered around 6 projects and acts on both the local and international scale in order to provide concrete support to different populations : Art en Marge offers support to homeless people thanks to art, Réfugi’Aide offers legal support to refugees, Human’Act developps a humanitarian mission each year from scratch, Gawad Kalinga organizes entrepreneurial solidary internships in the Philippines, MoringaWays helps a Burkinabe village to adopt sustainable practices, and the Rallye Humanitaire organizes a road trip in order to get in touch with charitable organizations around  Europe.

Did you enjoy being part of the BDH? Do you want to get in touch with the students who are in charge of the association today? Follow the group, and if you would like to animate it, feel free to contact us