Bureau de l'humanitaire (BDH)



Who are we ?

Le BDH est centré autour de 6 projets et se donne pour mission d’œuvrer à l'échelle locale et internationale pour apporter un soutien concret à différentes populations :

The BDH is a student association with 6 different projects. The associations acts locally and internationally and supports different populations in different ways :

  • Art en Marge helps homeless people through art,
  • Gawad Kalinga organises entrepreneurial internships in the Philippines,
  • Human’Act builds a humanitarian mission abroad each year from scratch,
  • Rallye Solidaire by driving through Europe helping out different charities abroad,
  • Réfugi’Aide offers support to refugees locally,
  • School'idarité by offering help and mentoring at local schools.

Did you enjoy being part of the BDH? Do you want to get in touch with the students who are in charge of the association today? Follow the group, and if you would like to help us out, feel free to contact us!


Our different projects

Art en Marge: 

Art en Marge allows students to help out the homeless of Toulouse by supplying them with food and clothes. We also use photography to help them out, by giving them cameras. The members of the project collect photos and organise photo exhibitions in order to raise awareness about the daily life of these people.

Project leader: Aurélien PESNELLE


Gawad Kalinga:


GAWAD KALINGA is an NGO created in 1995 which fights to eradicate poverty in the Philippines. It hopes to better the situation for 5 millions families before 2024.


How does this fit in with our work at the BDH?

In partnership with the NGO GAWAD KALINGA and the student association Optimize, we allow for the discovery of social entrepreneurship for students.

Project leader: Juliette SOREL



Human'Act is a project where 12 students organise a humanitarian mission abroad from scratch. The aim is to help out the community in which the mission is organised in collaboration with a local charity.

Over the years, members have been able to support communities in Nepal, Togo and in Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately the current health crisis has slowed down the development of this project in recent years. In 2021, the members were supposed to go to Peru. This mission had to be cancelled.

But the team has not given up: they are working with the French charity Secours Populaire on a treasure hunt for young local children.

Project leader: Lisa DE PAOLI


Rallye Solidaire: 

Rallye Solidaire allows students to set out on a road trip accross Europe. By working with local charities along the way, they bring vital support to communities.

Throughout the year, students raise funds and material to take along with them. All the logistics have to be worked on also. They then set off on their trip for a couple of weeks.

Project leader: Anthony FONTAINE



Réfugi'Aide supports refugees by offering them legal advice and French language lessons in order to help them fit into society. The project also aims to raise awareness among students about the situation of these refugees by organising meals, conferences, and debates. Refugees and students spend time together in much appreciated moments of conviviality.

Project leader: Solène LORGEOU



The BDH's new project for 2020, School'idarité, consists in offering support and mentoring to children in different schools in Toulouse.

By organising different cultural activities, games or other creative activities, the aim is to widen the knowledge of children who may have some trouble learning at school.

Project leader: Narjes BAKRAOUY


The Communication and Event department: 

The Communication and Event department follows and accompanies all the different projects of the association and helps increase awareness it. The department also organises all the events throughout the year.

Project leader: Manon HELFER


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Alumni manager: Elliott MORGAN