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09 November 2020

Vincent MONTEIL (TBS 2015) - Creator of AppliColis

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I fell in love with Toulouse during my studies at TBS...
I decided to stay in the Pink City to create my own company with two business partners.
Today, we have 10 permanent staff in Toulouse.

Why did you choose TBS for your studies?

For its reputation, location and above all, for the general atmosphere : relaxed and professionally serious at the same time.

Do you have any stories from your year to share with us?

I was part of the Hotsoft association and then completed a mission for Escadrille in the scope of an audit for the audiovisual festival in Luchon.

What are you doing today and how did you get to this stage in your career?

In 2015, I carried out my end-of-study traineeship (which lasted 6 months) within a collaborative delivery start-up company in Toulouse and I became the first permanent member of staff.

After a year, the company went bankrupt due to a dispute between the partners. I therefore decided to stay in the urban logistics sector by creating my own company. To do that, I followed a training course over a year with Promotrans (EMTR training to become a carrier and freight forwarder). At the same time, I set up a joint venture with my colleague, Florent, and we created Applicolis in 2017. AppliColis is the network of ecological delivery companies in France.

In 2018 we created our own delivery company called "Les Coursiers Toulousains" and today, we have approximately 12 employees (couriers) in Toulouse; the AppliColis network is present in over fifteen French cities. Our customer base is mainly made up of food stores (Carrefour, Biocoop, organic grocers etc.) and local shops. Our deliveries are 100% ecological and all our couriers are employed by us.

What advice would you give to TBS Alumni, students and graduates alike, who might want to follow a similar career path as yours?

The network is important, especially when you start a company. It is important to identify all the major players in the sector and contact those who can support you. In addition, perseverance is key : you can expect to have a tough time for at least two years before you have the credibility to allow you to make yourself a name in your area.

Did the Alumni network support you? If so, how ?

Yes, because I met with TBS Alumni several times. When you have graduated from the same school, the bond is much easier to make, and it is much quicker to establish trust.


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