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24 August 2021

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Aurava, hybrid marketing agency


Vicky decided to set up in business right after she finished her Master's degree. Through her experience both in France and abroad, she observed that at times the business world's analytic vision can contrast with creative vision, abit like our brains that are divided into right and left hemispheres. 

When she talked about marketing to professionals, she realized that companies are looking for integrated services that center both concepts around one and the same spokesperson in order to be successful. 

Her ambition to become an entrepreneur stayed as strong as ever over and she decided to create Aurava. She was supported by Anne Recasens with the TBStart programme, who provided help and structure to her entrepreneurial project. 


 An agency that takes after her own image

Vicky uses both a creative and analytical approach to marketing making her a hybrid profile with as much consideration for the strategic parts as the creatives parts. She believes that both areas cannot be separated from each other, and must feed each other. The main objective is to find the happy medium between creativity and data to make marketing campaigns as pertinent and efficient as possible. 

Aurava agency is a mix of marketing advice and communication, using its experience to build and carry out successful development strategies, either on a one-off or regular basis. It is a service provider for companies in search of global, integrated marketing strategies by giving advice, support and creative input in line with their objectives, in the aim of serving their interests longterm, in a mutually creative environment. 


Aurava's promise

Aurava has expertise in a combination of  traditional and data-driven methods, together with a holistic, integrated, creative marketing approach in the following areas :

Consulting : Audit and 360° marketing strategy 
Marketing : stategic and operational
Communication : International branding, print, digital, event management


The agency is built on strong values :

  • Availability: Quality follow-up and responsiveness 
  • Expertise : An expert service based on a thorough, all-inclusive approach
  • Creativity: A hybrid model and the right balance between the use of data and creativity 
  • Ethical : A responible approach to marketing that takes into account environmentally responsible actions


Starting point 

Today, Aurava is beginning activity in the Toulouse area (Montauban & Toulouse). Nevertheless she does not intend to limit herself to this geographical area since some of the projects she is working on today are international projects. 

At the same time, she hopes to work with a large network of specialized partners in specific areas (such as SEO, Data Analytics, AI, multimedia) in order to provide pertinent answers to customers' challenges.  


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