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25 January 2021

Roxane PUIG (TBS 2010) is offering online yoga classes

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"I would like to contribute to offering a better experience in distance learning"


Roxane was a student in the Bachelor program at the School until 2010 and then she decided to move to live on the other side of the Atlantic. In 2014, she moved to New York and become a full-time yoga teacher.  

"After a series of articles published about discomfort and depression amongst student populations, and as I remembered my years at TBS in Toulouse, I would like to help offer a better experience to students who are in distance learning."

During this difficult time, Roxane would like to help students going through an ordeal. She is offering to open up her yoga classes to those who want to try or improve their yoga skills.  

She is proposing online classes at the end of the afternoon or in between lectures in the afternoon. Sessions last between 20 minutes and one hour. Students can either pay a donation or, in case they can't afford to pay, the classes can be free.  

If you want to join a class by Roxane, please fill in this form (in French). Roxane will get back to you to provide you with more information on availability and how it works.

Roxane can adapt her sessions according to your level. None of the physical or breathing exercises require equipment. You can wear your everyday clothes. People with disabilities or physical injuries can also take part. 


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