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14 December 2020

Riad ABDALLAH (TBS 2014) introduces the training course he developed with Google : "Life Design for Work"

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"What do I want to do in my life?"
Are you capable of answering that question?

Riad (TBS 2014) is a coach in personal development. He has worked for Google for the last five years, working out of the American giant's offices in Ireland, where he has elaborated a personal development training program with his colleagues called "Life Design for Work".

This training course uses the principles of Design Thinking to help individuals to identify and link up the common elements between their values, passions and talents in order to define just where they want to make an impact in their professional and personal life.

They then accompany the trainees in order to use their talents and passion longterm by finding the quickest path to fulfilling the missions they have identified. 

Today, this training course is one of the most popular on personal development on google. They have now created an external version of this course allowing teaching establishments to provide these tools to their students on master's programs, to graduates and alumni, by using the Design Thinking approach in order to define their next steps in their personal and professional life. 


Life Design

Life Design is one of Google's most popular courses on the purpose of human existence. It started in Dublin in 2016 and was then deployed in Singapore, Sydney and San Francisco, etc. 

All the participants on this training course observed an increased level of motivation, well-being and understanding about the way their present work is closely tied to their own objectives and what that implies. 

Building on the research carried out in one of the largest companies worldwide who specializes in human science, Life Design for Work provides a learning opportunity for other companies and universities worldwide. Move than ever, in today's situation which is complicated by COVID, they would like to offer an opportunity to teach employees and individuals how to give a sense of meaning and an objective to their professional activities.  


Life Design for Work Training

Collect information about who you were, are and want to become : by looking at yourself and evaluating your passions, talents and values and where you want to add value. Not only will you have an accelerated vision of your life path and an indication of what makes you happy, but you will also take a retrospective look at your childhood to find clues to those things you have always been deeply interested in. With understanding, comes real progress. 

Collate the information in a creative manner to formulate a mission statement : then go on to explore new approaches to grouping all the information that makes you who YOU are. By formalizing a vision of what you want, you put together one or several mission statements. Your mission statement will not only inspire you but it will motivate you to act on it. 

Create action plans that lead to significant change : Visions are powerful only when they are put into action. That is why you define 10 simple actions that you can undertake in the next two weeks, then you create a 4-week project plan that identifies objectives, key results, tools and obstacles to be overcome and prototypes showing how to use the work you accomplished as a school for your mission. 

The website is available here : Life Design For Work


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