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What is a Expert-Relay?

Some of our alumni share their expertise with the network, by declaring themselves Expert-Relay on the skills of their choice. They agree to offer their expertise to any alumni looking for specific information, on topics as varied as HR consulting, accounting, disability policy in companies ...


How does it work?

By going to the "Domains" tab you will see a list of skills from which you can choose: choose the skill(s) for which you are looking for information and advice. You will then be able to choose the Expert-Relay alumni who corresponds to your needs.


Don't know who to choose or can't find the expertise you need?

If, despite your research, you do not find the right expert relay for your project, you can write to us at We will do our best to find an expert among our volunteer alumni who is willing to accompany you.

N/B: to contact our expert relays, you must be logged in and a member.


We are constantly looking for new coaches: if you want to join the group of our alumni willing to share their know-how with TBS Alumni, you can apply at


As a reminder, the Accompanists offer their services at preferential conditions for TBS Alumni members: some services are free of charge and/or others will be offered at a rate specially designed for the association's members.