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14 May 2020

Sibylle Domercq (TBS 2012) - Looking for volunteers for an association that fights against food waste and deprivation

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Sibylle Domercq (TBS 2012) is a volunteer for the HopHopFood project based in Paris

Sibylle has come back to Toulouse after 5 years in Paris and wants to develop this solidarity project in Toulouse 

HopHopFood is a non-profit, officially recognized organization of general interest based in Paris whose mission is to fight against food waste and deprivation. 

The association's objective is simple : connect supportive food shop managers with students in difficulty via an application so that the students can recover food donations directly in the shops. 

Already set up in Paris, the association would like to develop it activities in several French cities and Sibylle is in charge of the Toulouse area.

Today Sibylle is looking for volunteers in Toulouse to go and contact shop managers and convince them to join this solidary solution !


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill in the form 


For more information, you can contact Sibylle on : - 0687955704


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