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23 July 2020

Alice DELANDSHEER (TBS 2008) - Soursing Manager

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"It is up to us to continue to give visibility to our school!"



Why did you chose TBS for your studies? Tell us about your time as a student at TBS!

After I did my two years of prep classes, I did the tour around France to pass my orals. I clearly fell in love with Toulouse then! Big, big evening events organised by the administration with a crazy ambiance - songs, dances, challenges – it was truly the best!

The school was well ranked – not the best that I could have been gotten into, but the right one. I really liked the mindset!

I stayed in Toulouse for five days that time, around fifteen years ago. I still remember the atmosphere that was a combination of a party and intense, and remember the energy, the kindness, and the crazy laughter. That Toulouse getaway was really like a dream!

As an aside, the night before the oral exam I was partying and got a little out of control. And I got injured. So, the next day, I arrived in a suit, wearing a professional shoe on one foot, and a medical boot on the other. What class! I still gave it my best to be accepted. And I got 20 😉

The first year I did common studies, all the classics. Being a generalist, I liked (relatively) all the subjects, and wasn’t sure what field I wanted to specialise and work in later.

Then, I decided to do my Master 1 and 2 in an alternate work/study pattern with Auchan, as Department Head. The head of a department has to deal with many different aspects of business (Purchasing, Sales, Product Marketing, Results Management, Team Management), so it was a very enriching experience and I was able to increase my skills, learn, and practice the trade. And by doing the work/study for two years, I was able to complete the academic courses at school. It was really fantastic! And intense. The apprenticeships let me grow quickly, to be really operational by the time I got my degree.

Last, but not least, I had a salary that was very comfortable one for a student and which supported my studies! So, I could afford to visit my friends from TBS who studied abroad - in Barcelona, London, and Mexico, and elsewhere.

Have you any stories about your year to share with us? Were you part of a student association at TBS?

The first year, I was in the student art club ‘EscoBart’. I lived intensely during that special time! With the club, we organised dance shows, sang a lot, prepared drinks, and had some pretty unbelievable evenings. We left for musical weekends, were disguised, painted, found sponsors…

We completely redecorated the school’s hall and cafeteria with a cinema theme in a single day! I was pretty crazy!

This campaign lasted several months, during which we shared ridiculous laughter, stressful moments, and great joy. The ideas came together – we were in a creative mode!

My first year at school was really intense because of all that. And on top of that, we were all super committed to the club. With everything we shared together, I think we will be friends for life! Although we now we live rather far from each other, we see each other regularly!

#Escobart #Forever!

What are you doing today and how did you get to this point in your professional career? (You can describe the milestones in your career)

After school, I went to work for an American company (Fox) as Product Manager in Berlin, Germany – a great place with an international environment!

Then I worked in China, in Ningbo, for a French Company (HVD) which produced auto accessories, and had trading activity in the same sector. I enthusiastically discovered both the industry and the Chinese way of life!

Those years living abroad were full of discoveries, explorations, marvels, trips, and learning other cultures.

When I came back to France, I worked as an industrial buyer at another American company, Corning, at a location that produces products for laboratories (such as flasks, tubes, pipettes, etc.). Then, I took over the Purchasing Department. In addition to handling the purchasing of raw materials and equipment, as well as handling any subcontracting, I sat on the management committee for that location.

Being an expert in negotiation, I did a lot of training and assisted in many negotiations at!

Since last year i'm working as Sourcing Manager at Adeo. First impressions are excellent! On to the next episode 

I choose this career  because as for the sector, I’m attracted to industry! It's tangible. I like to see what is produced, the materials I buy ... I like the rigour of it, the concepts of continuous improvement such as “the lean methodology” - the 5S. I also got my 5S Green Belt Certification in project management!

As for the purchasing side, I like the human contact, and I like to negotiate! And I prefer to negotiate on that side!

I feel really fulfilled in my business: doing competitive and technical intelligence, participating in trade shows, and finding potential suppliers.

Then there’s determining the needs of internal customers, leading the different phases of the tenders, negotiating, and deciding on the business distribution. Finally, there’s formalising and piloting the performance. It's exciting!

I also really like to supervise my team - make my employees grow, make them want to give the best of themselves, and challenge them.

My goal is to continue to be stimulated by my job!

How did what you learn help you reach your personal and professional goals?

Clearly, the studies: prep + university, made me practical and knowledgeable! Forward thinking, the ability to analyse – all the theoretical courses give a very good foundation. The group projects taught me a number of useful things for the future, and the opportunities to go abroad with the school were also very valuable.

I found the Grande Ecole Programme to be well-constructed and completely pertinent to my professional career. The serious and solid courses gave my CV credibility, and really showcase it! It’s important for my professional development for my diploma to keep its value, or ideally increase it.

The school can also rely on the alumni network, which is strong and deserves to be cultivated with care.

What advice would you give to TBS students and/or Alumni, who are looking to follow your career path?

If I could do it over, I would work a little more! I was a passable student, and especially took advantage of the partying lifestyle. If I had been more dedicated, I would have retained more from my courses, which I only realised a posteriori how important that would be... Ok a little boring, but so true!

Young graduates, I recommend you get out of your comfort zone, take risks, take things on, go abroad! Experiment with different things.

And Alumni, as I said before, the afterworks are waiting for you. The network is an essential and attractive key!

It is up to us to continue to give visibility to our school!

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