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Nice to meet you!  I am Perle LAGIER.

I became a member of TBS and the Foundation just over 3 months ago. I have taken over from Vincent, who has been so helpful in making a smooth transition and I’d like to express my thanks to him. I’d also like to emphasize the warm welcome I received from the Alumni association, from Pierre, our President, Cathy and the team.

I come from the private sector and spent the last seven years as Marketing and Communications Manager for Galeries Lafayette in Toulouse. My mission included designing and deploying a strategy to increase in-store traffic through promotional & development activities and loyalty schemes. At the same time, I had the opportunity of initiating sponsorship activities and to work with my colleagues on Corporate Social Responsibility issues in the fashion world. I felt huge satisfaction working in this area of humanitarian, committed partnerships.

It is important to me that my professional objectives reflect my personal convictions. At the start of 2019, I left Galeries Lafayette to study Fundraising and Sponsorship Management at the French Fundraisers Institute, Paris (Bac+5-degree level), to take a professional path in line with my personal convictions.

As a result, I am very enthusiastic and proud to be here with you!

My role is to develop sponsorship from individuals; to work on the value proposal by TBS Foundation; to highlight common interests between the School, the Foundation and Alumni. My ambition is to create links and work as a catalyst in this triangular response. In the world of modern art, there is a new career from which I take inspiration: the “Curator”, or conductor, positioned at the crossroads between several players, working closely with the artists and injecting new impetus into exhibitions, hence, creating fortuitous meetings.

In the same way, I would like to federate and shake up the staging of the players in the TBS ecosystem. The way they are portrayed will allow ideas to spring up, connections and donations be made. The painting is only be visible if it includes the tryptic TBS - Foundation - Alumni Association.

What is my driving force? Joy and success only make sense when they are shared.

With 45000 new friends, anything is possible.