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30 July 2020

Thomas PAROUTY (TBS 1995) - Creator of No Impact Week

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Graduated in 1995 from ESC Toulouse, Thomas PAROUTY is the Founder of MIEUX agency.



A 1995 graduate from ESC Toulouse, Thomas PAROUTY is the founder of the MIEUX agency.

After working in the health sector in Chili, from 1998 he has worked in-house on marketing and digital issues with TBWA Corporate, Fi System, The CRM Company (from its creation to the opening up on the stock market). Thomas is passionate with complex subjects: new technologies, CRM/Data, mobile, BtoB… 

In 2009, recognising the need to participate in a more responsible world and economy, Thomas created the MIEUX agency as an expert communication consulting agency on CSR issues: cities of tomorrow, bio, circular economy, energy, new mobilities, societal challenges of companies, consumption ...

He has been supporting large companies and start-ups in their transformation towards a more digital, more responsible and more human world for more than 10 years.

Thomas also speaks at major educational institutes, works as a lecturer, is founder of No Impact Week and ... is a truffle farmer in his native Périgord.


Thomas shares with us some of his inspirational stories at TBS!


Tell us about your background: from the time you attended TBS until you founded MIEUX and No Impact Week.

I did a CSNE (now known as a VIE) at the vaccine laboratory Pasteur in Chili, then worked in publicity and digital for a dozen years.

In 2009, I created the MIEUX agency to respond to the needs of brands in their digital and ecological transformation strategies.

For 10 years, MIEUX has provided support to major companies and start-ups on their communication strategy.

Our expertise on the cities of tomorrow, the circular economy, the new mobility, energy, or bio and responsible consumption, sets us apart and allows us to accelerate the development of brands that ant to contribute to a more responsible, humane world.


How did you come up with the idea to create No Impact Week? 

The agency’s team has a mix of knowledge on sustainable development. I’ve created a week dedicated to share our knowledge, innovations, engaged personalities, and good practices, in order to make it as playful and carbon-less as possible. As a result of its success, No Impact Week quickly became available to all businesses.


In a few words, what is No Impact Week?

It is a week to raise awareness of sustainable development.  We go over consumption, finance, the quality of life at work, and the small eco-gestures you can make at work and in your private life.

No Impact Week has an agenda filled with good news and good practices.


Has the concept changed since the first No Impact Week in 2015?

No Impact Week has evolved over the years. At the beginning, only the employees at MIEUX took part in it. Since then, there’ve been conferences, a MOOC so you can expand your knowledge, quizzes, as well as some challenges.


How many businesses took in the 2019 Week? Can you give me some of the names of the participating companies?

We don’t have the numbers yet for 2019, but in 2018, more than 100 companies and more than 30,000 employees took part. Large companies have taken part, like Parc Astérix, and subsidiaries of Engiem BNP Paribas, CGI, Crédit Immobilier de France, and Le Slip Français.




Whatch Thomas Parouty's video!


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1 year ago
bravo pour ton parcours Thomas. Mais tu as oublié de préciser que tu es un fidèle d'entre les fidèles au réseau et que tu es toujours disponible pour les jeunes étudiants ou récents diplômés, et j'en suis sûre, aussi pour les plus anciens qui auraient besoin de tes conseils

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