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15 June 2020

[TBS Fondation] Thank you all!

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- Supporting our students -

Since the beginning of confinement, we have implemented support for students in financial difficulty due to cancelled internships, contracts and student jobs. Students contacted TBS via the Foundation or the email address "solidarité.tbs". All situations have received the appropriate support, by the programs, the internship service, the International Relations Direction team and the Foundation. Personalized follow-up was provided for each of these students.

Find out how the students were helped, as well as a summary of the grants and support provided here.

BRAVO to our TBS Solidarity response team: The Foundation with Perle LAGIER & Camille HONG CHANG, the Social Transition department with Florence LACOSTE, Patricia CHAUVEL-AUBLET & Amandine MAUREL as well as our internships, programs and DRI teams.

THANK YOU to the Alumni Association who donated 3 000€.

And finally - a huge THANK YOU to all the TBS's colleagues and Alumni who contributed to this fund. All donations count !

Contact : Perle LAGIER, TBS Foundation 


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