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10 October 2019

Reboosting Alumni

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Certain TBS alumni need a little help finding purpose in their careers. This is the objective of the 2-day, popularly acclaimed work shop, which took place in October at TBS, called

« Building a professional career in line with your values and personality »,

Organized by the Career & Employment pole in TBS Alumni, several experienced alumni who are at a turning point in their careers joined this workshop which was designed for a small group using a personal approach.  

The participants were able to define the key points in their career strategy, list their skills, identify their motivations, values and expertise, remove obstacles, mobilize resources and define a career path. The day was divided into moments of thought and moments of sharing, followed by a phase to build projects. They left with a clearly defined networking strategy and with improved methods of pitching. 

The feedback from the two days confirms that this method of working and developing ideas in a small group, where exchanges flow, boosted their energy, confidence and motivation. 

To learn more about this method : more info here


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