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09 December 2019

Our incredible Life paths: Yanis LAMMARI (TBS 2019)

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Would you say a few words about yourself?

Yanis Lammari, 26 years old, a 2019 graduate from TBS, globetrotter, and social entrepreneur

Why did you choose Toulouse, and TBS, to study?

To have the opportunity to study in Barcelona and to do several internships or study abroad. I was also attracted by the quality of its associations, in particular the sustainable development associations.

Would you tell us about your time as a student at TBS?

I took advantage of my free time that one had at the same time as their courses to involve myself in the associations and to do experiences abroad (studying in Barcelona, an internship in Algiers, one of an association’s project – Youth ID – around the world during my gap year, and a double degree in Argentina). 

Do you have any anecdotes from your graduating class to share? (Student associations, projects, professors…)

We learn to manage projects in associations, but we have to be honest from the very beginning. We all make mistakes, and often winging it lands us embarrassing situations. But they are all very good memories.


Who are you today?

In what perspective did you enter the work force after you got your degree? What were your motivations?

I am still involved in the Youth ID project. I think that it’s fundamental to have a job in which you can grow and that has a positive impact on society (or at least not a negative one) even if it means lowering your financial expectations.

What are you currently doing?

I’m an entrepreneur who works hard and travels a lot, but I adore this, and it bears fruit.

Why did you choose this career, this job?

Because I wanted to have a positive impact and, for me, working with young people is the miracle solution to a lot of our problems. Also, I confess that it lets me travel a lot and meet some incredible people.

At what moment did you know that this path was made for you?

Who knows? I think that one will have several paths in life. And even better, that lets us to not get bored and continue to question ourselves.

How did you get to where you are today in your career? (The major steps to consider.)

I was a free spirit during school in terms of discovering many different sectors and fields let me develop my curiosity and creativity. My internships in the field in developing countries (Algeria, Burkina Faso, and others) also helped a lot a differentiate me from others. And my creating Youth ID instead of doing an internship at a large company during my gap year as we are strongly encouraged to do (wrongly), was a decisive factor.

How did your studies help you reach your personal and / or professional achievements?

I made lots of friends, and lots of couches to sleep on ;) 

Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

Maybe in an international organisation if I want to have stability (associations are not a stopping place) or maybe in the field.


What is your position on being involved with the alumni network?

How has the alumni network been a support to you?

It gave me the chance to find out about different careers and help me find out about the problems and solutions in many domains.

How would you recommend using it?

Don’t hesitate to contact other others. People are happy to share their experiences and work together when it’s possible.

What advice would you give to the alumni of TBS, whether students or graduates?

Get involved with an association. You’ll get the flavour of being useful to society and have a lot of fun.

Finally, would you be okay with our Alumni contacting you directly if they are interested in your career?




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