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02 March 2020

Our incredible life paths : Steven BETITO (TBS 2014)

Having started a business during his studies, today Commercial Director at AppDrag, Steven embodies the skills of many of our Bachelor students : talented, friendly, and very close to his school ! 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Why did you choose Toulouse and TBS to pursue your studies ?

During the last year at school, the famous question came up : "What are you going to do next ?". I spent a long time pondering on what I would like to do in the future. 

It was not long before the option of a business school became apparent for 2 reasons :

- I knew I liked sales and being in contact with customers
- I still needed support and I knew the faculty wasn't right for me. 

So I looked into business schools and I found that the Bachelor program really suited my expectations from further education. 

Can you tell us about your studies at TBS ?

Being accepted at TBS was a real stepping stone in my life.

I completed a Bachelor in International Business. This program lasts 3 years and gave me the opportunity of studying abroad for a year to learn about new cultures, new work practices and build an international network. 

When I returned from abroad, I did my third year in Toulouse. A specific feature was that I created my own business in the same year and I was supported by the TBS learning incubator.  

Have you any stories to share with us ? (student associations, projects, teachers…)

Participation in associations while on the Bachelor program at the time was lower than in the Master in Management programs at the time so it was not easy to get involved.

On the other hand, I remember many projects and nights spent working as a group (more often than not on the night before the deadlines). 

I am still in contact with one of the professors who helped me develop my personal project. The sales course was very lively and I always looked forward to the classes. 

Who are you today ?

What were your main objectives when you started work after your degree ? What was your motivation ?

During the third year of the Bachelor program, I decided to start a company with another TBS student and so I started my professional life before I graduated.

Thanks to my training, I had the skills to approach aspects such as accounting, management, sales, etc. with more confidence. 

After the Bachelor degree, I was keen to earn money just like all good sales reps and business owners. Subsequently, I also wanted to improve my knowledge and develop my network.

What are you currently doing ?

I am currently business director for AppDrag (

There are two main areas of activity :

- Development and commercialization of a development platform. It is the first platform on the market that associates Frontend and Backend in the same place.

- We execute custom-made development projects for our customers. 

Why did you choose this area of activity ?

I chose to join this establishment because the CTO of AppDrag invested in my first company and I wanted to continue working with him.

Moreover, the web development sector is growing fast and I'm convinced that it will continue to do so in the next few years. 

What was the point when you knew that it was the right line of business for you ?

For a year I worked in a large company and learned a great deal from this experience. However it also allowed me to realize that I personally need independence and a wide variety of tasks to be executed. 

It's true that within a start-up it is possible to work on a large number of different subjects and every new day brings with it new challenges to handle. 

How did you get to where you are today in your career ? (the milestones to be taken into account) ? 

I am still at the start of my professional career so I do not have much to say about the question. 

I build my first company at the age of 23, then I joined a second start-up several years later. 

What benefits did you get out of your studies for your professional/personal situation ?

My studies helped me broaden my horizons by learning from others during my year abroad. The academic curriculum is also an important factor because it gave me the baseline skills to be successful today. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

In 10 years time I will probably be working on a new project because I like new challenges. At the same time, I hope I will still be working with the same team because we have found our rhythm and we work well together. 

How do you position yourself within the Alumni network ?

How did the Alumni network support you ?

I discovered the Alumni network in 2013, at the time when I was creating my company. The network has been very, very helpful throughout my career. 

When I presented my project to the members of my network, they immediately offered their support to help me in this adventure.

Over the years, we have had many a discussion about strategy, marketing and management... 

The network has always given good advice and that is why I wanted to get involved from early on so that I could give back what the network had given me. 

How you would recommend using the network ?

What advice would you give to TBS students and graduates ?

The only piece of advice I would give is to start by joining the network and participating in events, and then get involved in the network if you like it. 

Part of the school's strength lies in its network, it is important to develop and maintain it to keep the school's classification at the top. 

Finally, are your willing for Alumni to contact you directly, if they are interested in your career path ? 

Of course !

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