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09 March 2020

Our incredible life paths : Marine LIENHART (TBS 2018)

Marine graduated in 2018, and "has the feeling that she offers an approach in line with her values."

Can you say a few words about yourself ?

At the moment I am an account manager with bilum, a company in the circular economy sector.

Why did you choose Toulouse, and TBS, for your studies ?

I was immediately enchanted by the city and its warm atmosphere, its architecture. After an Erasmus year in England, all I wanted was sun. I also fell in love with the school, and I was quickly convinced by the friendliness of the students and the meaningfulness of the oral exams.  

Can you tell us about your studies at TBS ? 

I focused on sales, with a major in Marketing, followed by a Masters degree in International Commerce. I was curious to know more about the secrets hidden behind ad campaigns and more generally, to understand the codes of the economic context we live in.  

Do you have any stories to tell us ? (student associations, projects, lecturers, etc.)

On the associative side, I was delighted to be part of the B3D (Bureau for Sustainable Development), and meet people with the same sensitivity as myself. There were "disco-soups", fims (such as "En Quête de Sens" in the presence of the director) and, above all, a strong meeting with Pierre Rabhi, who is a particularly inspiring agro-ecologist.  



Who are you today ?

What were your goals when you started work after your degree ? What was your motivation ?

Ms Assassi, former director of the Master in Management programme, gave a speech that particularly impressed me : the purpose of joining TBS wasn't to find work, but above all, to find THE work which suits us best. I always kept this in mind and had demanding requirements as regards the choice for my final year internship which, as in my case, often led to employment. 

What are you currently doing ?

I am an account manager with bilum, a creation firm which has been giving a second life to materials going to disposal for the last 15 years. Major companies such as Air France, Heineken, LVMH or indeed the Château de Versailles donate their materials (giant advertising banners, kakemonos, packaging, uniforms etc.) so that we can transform them into bags and accessories for their own use. 100% made in France with a major social focus, these donations are used for in-house giveaways for customers and press. etc. By the way, if you read this paragraph and your company has a specific material to donate, or you would like to choose gifts with a purpose, don't hesitate to write to me to discuss !

Why did you chose this area of activity ?

Undoubtedly for its customer relations dimension. I enjoy exchanging every day with new people, taking the time to listen, understand the needs and provide the best advice possible. The very original concept of bilum immediately made sense to me because it can be sustained both on social and environmental level. Within the scope of my responsabilities, I can create a team and this year, we have hired a sales assistant as well as a trainee who had a support role up until now. This is all very gratifying.  

At what point did you know it was the right choice for you ?

Over time the people you meet lead you closer and closer to areas of activity that you are attracted to. I was very keen to thrive in work with a purpose and I have achieved it. I have the feeling that I offer an approach in line with my values. 

How did you get to where you are today in your career ? 

My first professional experiences were in the tourism sector (Tourist Office, 5 star hotels, travel agencies), and so I decided to spend 6 months in Costa Rica, which strongly enhanced my awareness of protecting our planet. It was therefore quite natural that I was interested in bilum! However, more generally, it was the support I received from my close friends which remains very precious, I had the chance to chose my studies, my professional experiences, and then coincidence has it that I found the career I like. 

What benefits did you get out of your studies for your professional / personal situation ?

Studies help you grow up, especially when you study away from home, and to gain self-sufficiency and to work with different situations or people. They also helped me learn how to work as a team and quickly be comfortable in public speaking, thanks to the considerable amount of presentations we had to do. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

I can see myself in a position of responsibility, and I like that idea as much as what I do today, and meeting more people.   



How do you position yourself with the Alumni network ?

How did the Alumni network support you ?

When I was still a M1 student at TBS, I went with a friend to an alumni meeting at the Stade toulousain. We didn't know a lot of people. I had been contacted a few days beforehand by Antoine Miche, an Alumni who is very committed, and I got the chance to meet him at the evening !  He introduced me to more Alumni who had the same interests in common, demonstrating the strength of the network. As a result of that meeting, we actually have a business partnership together today ! Our network really works and it is a real tool to help each other. 

How would you recommend using the network?

Take advantage of the meetings organised throughout the year to make contacts and keep your network alive so that you don't just use it when it becomes vital. 

What advice would you give to TBS Alumni, whether students or graduates ?

Stay "aligned" with your professional profile, to quote Mme Bonnefous, and take advantage of this precious network.  

If you would like to know more about Marine or the company bilum, where Marine works as account manager, don't hesitate to contact her ! 

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