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10 February 2020

Our Incredible Life Journeys: Tchouc LAM (TBS )

Tchouc graduated from TBS with a Bachelor's degree with a Computing major. Tchouc is now Sourcing Project Manager for the Wabtec Fauveley site in China that employs 500 people. Tchouc is also in charge of Chapter Shanghai!

Would you say a few words about yourself?

Why did you choose to go to Toulouse, and TBS, to study?

Native of Toulouse, It was obvious to me to continue my studies in Toulouse after the Bacchalaureat. As I knew I didn't want to go through a PREPA, I chose to follow the EGCI Bachelor, which is now integrated in TBS Bachelor. Why a Bachelor ? Well, it is a combination of studies and internships, real case studies and it feels more like "real working life".

Can you tell us about your studies at TBS ? 

It was a Bachelor with a Computing major and we even learnt to code and had one internship abroad. After getting the Bachelor degree, it is possible to continue in a Master degree in another Business School.

Have you any stories to share with us ? (student associations, projects, teachers, ...)

Regarding the school, I still remember some of my teachers (and heaven knows I have a bad memory !). And I am glad that one of my preferred teachers is still in the school and now working for TBS, Mr Gery Flamant. He was a very passionnate teacher.

Who are you today ?

At the moment, I am Sourcing Project Manager for the Wabtec Faiveley plant which employs 500 people in Shanghai, China. Our activity here includes railway equipment : doors, HVAC and platform screen doors.

What was the point when you knew it was the right line of business for you ?

From high school, I already knew I wanted to be in Sourcing: being in a operational position with interaction with internal and external stakeholders. Knowing that, I just went through the Business School degree: Bachelor in TBS and then Master in SKEMA - with an apprenticeship in Paris. I proposed to my company at that time to go to China to develop their Sourcing office and they agreed !

What benefits did you get from your studies for your professional / personal situation ? 

​The apprenticeship got me through the door into business and I was working on localisation sourcing projects for the company's headquarters in Paris. I offered to go to China to develop their team as part of a voluntary program (VIE).  

Where do you see yourself in ten years time ?

​In 10 years time, I hope I will still be working in Sourcing and Supply Chain but more corporate and back in Europe.

How do you position yourself within the Alumni network ?

At the time we were studying, we had little communication about alumni. When I arrived in China, I joined the alumni group and that's when I realized how strong and supportive the alumni group can be.

Any advice for TBS Alumni ?

You can always reach us (volunteer alumni) : we're here to help !

And of course, anyone from TBS can reach me if they have any questions !

A final piece of advice for TBS members ?

Always work where your heart leads you. It's with passion that you work the better !

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