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22 July 2019

Maryvonne LE BRIGNONEN (TBS 1997) has been appointed the Director of TRACFIN

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Maryvonne Le Brignonen has been appointed as Head of the anti-fraud unit of Bercy

On 10 July, Maryvonne Le Brignonen from Brittany was named head of Tracfin, the intelligence service of Bercy that fights money laundering, tax and social fraud, as well as the embezzlement of funds and terrorism financing. Her appointment will be effective at the end of the summer.

The forty-year-old is from Lannion, in the Côtes-d'Armor.

Coming from the private sector, Maryvonne worked for nine years in auditing and auditorship in the banking, insurance, and real estate sectors, before attending the École nationale d’administration - ENA (National School of Administration) in 2007.

A financial inspector, she began working as Head of the Office of Personal Income Tax in the Public Finance Directorate in 2014, before being entrusted with the sensitive matter of payroll tax reform in 2015.

Created in 1990, Tracfin is the smallest of six French intelligence services, with 166 agents, and is involved in the fight against clandestine financial circuits, money laundering, and the financing of terrorism.

The agency’s activities have significantly increased over the last few years, in particular concerning the fight against financing terrorism. Last year, Tracfin conducted 14,554 investigations, which resulted in 3,282 notes being sent to the judicial authority or other intelligence services.



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