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06 August 2020

Laurent VACHER (TBS 2012) - Real Estate Entrepreneur

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"TBS was a dream since my college years. 

Later in 2015, I created my Real Estate Agency in Toulouse."


Why did you choose TBS for your studies? Tell us about your time as a student at TBS!

Attending Sup de Co Toulouse had always been a dream of mine since the start of secondary school because I had met entrepreneurs who had graduated from there and I was impressed by them. I had grown up in a suburb of Toulouse and had always wanted to spend my life her. It was obvious for me to stay in Toulouse and go to TBS.

Have you any stories about your year to share with us?

I started in L3 via a parallel admission with a technology degree in Business Techniques with an apprenticeship with Orange. I continued to work there during my first year at TBS, under a part-time, longterm contract which let me enjoy a certain level comfort. During my first year, I also had the chance to campaign, and even win the election as a member of the BDS "Sport'Cow", where I was responsible for the bowling centre. It was a big responsibility and I met some great people. In my 2nd year, I signed an apprenticeship contract with BNP Paribas, who took me on as an agency director so I was able to benefit from double-training:

  • high-level academic training: Financial markets for my M1, and entrepreneurship for my M2, 
  • professional training through the opportunities offered by BNP Paribas, which is well-recognized in the financial sector.

What are you doing today and how did you get to this point in your professional career?

When I finished school, BNP Paribas offered me an excellent career path but it was very demanding in terms of travel. I didn’t want to have to commit to this criterion at the cost of my private life so I chose to take another path. Very determined to learn new skills in a small company, I built up my knowledge in a small brokerage in Toulouse for nearly two years before I made the jump and started my own business.

At first, I decided to franchise for three years. Then I created my own brand: LV COURTAGE. The broker business itself had never really attracted me. What I had really wanted to do for a long time was to create my own company. I am now in the fifth year, and I’ve been lucky to recruit four partners who work with me under this brand. Together we develop new services such as business financing, occupational benefits, apartment sales, and others.

Finally, I’m becoming less and less of a broker and more of a mentor/sponsor/developer/head of business, and I am blooming in these roles.

TBS gave me essential, practical skills: financial analysis, accounting, logistics, strategy, management control - all associated with a level of cross-analysis that gave me the ability to be greatly versatile when I carried out my duties. In addition, TBS helped me develop a certain cultural varnish that let me interact with people from all backgrounds.

In 10 years, I plan to have delegated all the operational duties and take on the role of strategic partner by representing the various companies that I will have created around my brand. I also plan to dedicate a good third of my week to my family. 

How did the Alumni network support you?

I've always been close to the network - from the very beginning. Today, I am doing my third term as administrator of this fantastic network (we are 32). I also volunteer with the “Immo” tribe in Toulouse and we organize regular real estate events. 

Being close to the network and taking part in student associations was a necessity for me. It gave me a change of air and spend quality time with other people who believe in sharing and benevolence.

I feel that it enriches me, that it allows me to maintain a certain intellectual agility and an open mind to issues other than my own. To those who like to exchange views and share knowledge, I can only advise you to logon to our fabulous website to see what events might interest you, whether in your field or another. I’m not risking anything by saying you’re are sure to meet some rich and enthusiastic people.

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